6RB*, Rota-Beam Amber, Blue, Red or White, Color Lens

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6RB* - Rota-Beam Amber, Blue, Red or White, Color Lens

600 Series Feature • LEDs are encapsulated for heavy-duty performance, vibration, moisture and corrosion resistance • Draws minimal current • Rated for thousands of hours of operation • 14 flash patterns including steady burn • All lightheads are furnished with 6" pigtail Super-LED® Scenelights Feature • 12 diode models are comparable in intensity to existing halogen scenelights. •24 diode models compare to H.I.D. models. • Lower operating temperature. • 600 Series use standard optional mounting flanges. • Conformal coated internal electronics. • LED lights do not emit ultra-violet radiation that attracts insects during night operation like H.I.D. lights do. • 5 year warranty. • Optional chrome plated or black flanges 600 Series Rota-Beam™ Series Feature • Super-LED rotating light with no moving parts and no motors. • 100% solid state. • Surface mount. • 180 degree horizontal light spread. • 14 Scan-Lock flash patterns. • SAE Class 1 Certified. • Models with clear or color lenses. • Lenses are hard coated to resist scratches, salt or chemical damage and UV degradation. • Low current draw of 2.2 Amps. • Moisture and vibration resistant. • Optional Chrome or Black flanges • Five year warranty.