50**2ZCR, 500 Linear Split Colors, For Horizontal Mounting

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50**2ZCR - 500 Linear Split Colors, Amber, Blue and/or Red, For Horizontal Mounting

• Brighter and more effective at wide angles than ever before.
• Rated for thousands of hours of low current, operation.
• Exceed SAE specifications.
• Mounting options are purchased separately
• Color LEDs with clear outer lens.
• Hard-coated lenses with HDO™ technology for unmatched high intensity warning.
• 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns plus steady-burn and synchronize feature for the warning segment of this lighthead.
• Six inch pigtail with sync wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronized together for the warning segment of the lighthead
• Warning available in Red, Amber, Blue and White. 
• Five year warranty.

Split Different Colors: 50AB2ZCR, 50AC2ZCR, 50AR2ZCR, 50BC2ZCR, 50CR2ZCR, 50RB2ZCR, 50AC2ZCR Split Same Colors: 50AA2ZCR, 50BB2ZCR, 50CC2ZCR, 50RR2ZCR, 50CC2ZCR
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