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The Whelen Legacy is the most advanced of led lightbars and one of the thinnest and brightest led lightbars on the market today. Manufactured in the USA, it stands alone from its competition. The Legacy comes with takedowns, alley lights and it is fully programmable with the included WeCan software. This means you have complete control. Add in a smart controller like the Whelen Cantrol System and only your imagination is the limit when it comes to programming and features.



The Whelen Extra Low Profile (XLP) Inner Edge is both incredibly bright and incredibly slim. Unlike previous interior led lightbars over the years, the Inner Edge sits snuggly against the windshield and blocks very little of the driver’s view. And forget flashback, with the best engineering in the industry, flashback is a thing of the past. You will be easily seen day or night which gives you the edge you need out on the streets.



The Whelen RTX rear deck led lightbar is the brightest and most effective deck light currently available. With it’s innovative optics, it packs a powerful punch. It comes with both warning and traffic control patterns, standard. Nothing else even comes close. It offers the brightest and widest warning signal available.



The Whelen Outer Edge is the brightest and most effective rear spoiler led lightbars for both the Ford Explorer and for the Chevy Tahoe. Utilizing Whelen’s Microns, these are just like having a full size roof top lightbar tucked up under the rear spoiler. Being seen will never be an issue. Take it one step further by adding the Whelen Cantrol System and you can very easily add traffic direction functions and custom warning patterns.



Until now, there was no vehicle specific solution for adding a rear facing lightbar inside of the Ford Explorer or the Chevy Tahoe. Now, with the RXT interior lightbar, we have the answer. This compact, extremely bright led lightbar mounts inside the rear hatch, snugly against the rear window. Flashback is now a thing of the past. And when you open the hatch, you won’t be blinded by the light.


We have numerous standard options from which to choose with our Upfitting Packages. Equipment to provide enhanced officer safety both in and out of the vehicle. From equipment storage and in car video to partitions and push bumpers. We have you covered.

This is the time to do it right. Keep your officer's safe and keep your department protected with in car video. In today's environment, you need all the help you can get and having everything on secure video does just that.

The Ford Explorer has become the most popular police vehicle on the market for good reason. There is only one downside... no adequate storage for patrol gear. With the CopBox from Ctech, we have the solution. Lightweight, strong and amazing quaility, all that gear can be safely and securely stored keeping the cockpit safe and secure in the event of collision.

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