Dual Color Torrent V2 59" LED Lightbar Wrecker Special

$2,373 MRSP

Dual Color Torrent V2 59" LED Lightbar Wrecker Special from Brooking Industries

This is our Wrecker Special, full dual color LED lightbar, originally developed specifically for the towing professionals in the St. Louis Metro area. This lightbar does it all. Respond to an accident with red and blues, tow away with amber. All with the flick of a switch. Now you don't have to choose between a red/blue lightbar and covering your truck with amber surface mount lights. This lightbar does it all. This bar includes Stop/Turn/Tails, you can add takedowns and/or alley lights. What more can you ask for ?

The Axixtech Torrent 360 Dual Color Lightbar is a complete game changer. With this lightbar, you get primary red / blue warning, secondary all amber warning and amber traffic direction control with the same led modules. The Torrent has the ability to display red and/or blue for the primary warning signal and then, using the very same led modules, will display amber across the entire lightbar. No other manufacture can do this.

We will not be undersold on the Torrent. Call Today!