THOR ANL 150 amp fuse with block

$35 MRSP

THANLFB-100, THOR ANL 100 amp fuse with block

THANL-100 Fuse Kit assemblies are designed to provide code compliant over-current protection. They are used to protect the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads. Each Fuse Block Assembly uses a fast acting, current limiting fuse cartridge which provides instantaneous protection in the event of a short circuit, but also employs a time delay to allow momentary current surges common in inverter applications. A rugged injection molded poly carbonate base and thermoformed ABS cover provides durability, easy installation, and good looks all in a compact, cost effective package.

  • Highly cost effective solutions for 80 – 300 amp fusing
  • Multiple Fuse Amperage Available
  • Fuse Holder Amperage: 300 amps @ 48 Vdc
  • For fuses over 300 amp, THOR recommends acour HI-Amp ANL fuse Holder
  • Fuses Rated at 32 Vdc. Holder Max Voltage: 48 Vdc
  • ANL Fuse Kit includes fuse holder and two (2) terminal insulators, hardware and clear center cover
  • Included terminal insulators protect conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / USCG requirements
  • Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
  • Base Material: Glass filled nylon
  • Connection Post: Stainless steel
  • Lock Washer: Stainless steel
  • Flat Washer: Brass
Product Summary
  • UPC Code: 853003006193
  • Packaging Level: Each
  • Product Description: ANL Fuse Kit
  • SKU: THANL-100


  • Dimensions: H 4? x W 4? x D 4?
  • Gross Weight:0.5 Pounds
  • Net Weight: 0.4 Pounds