Becoming an Authorized Dealer

How to become an Authorized Dealer:

We've worked hard to make our wholesale program simple and profitable for our dealers. First, these are the requirements to become a dealer:

  • All applicants must provide EIN or SSN and business registration for the state in which you operate
  • Opening order minimum - $2000, no exceptions
  • All future orders must total at least $250 or there will be a $10 dollar processing fee assessed per order under this amount
  • Yearly minimum total of $5,000 in purchases to retain dealer status, no exceptions
  • For any products which have a stated minimum advertised price listed, dealers may not, in any way, advertise the products lower than the stated MAP
  • All orders will be prepaid unless other arrangements are made in advance
  • Payment methods accepted: All major credit cards, money orders, business checks and wire transfer
  • There is a service fee of $15 for wire transfers
  • Drop Shipping is available, there is a $5 minimum surcharge for drop ship orders All orders must be submitted by fax or email
  • Phone orders will not be accepted
  • Every order must have a unique identifier such as a purchase order number included
  • All purchase orders must use our product SKU numbers and be very clear when indicating colors and options

There are no exceptions. Any purchase order that does not use our SKU's for ordering will be rejected

Dealers will have access to the following brands: Whelen, Havis, Feniex, Axixtech, Brooking, ECCO, Sound-Off, Abrams Manufacturing, TecNiq, Durabook, CopBox, Hint Mounts, Vision X, GoLight, GoRhino, Pro-Gard, Unity, FRC, Prisoner Transport Systems, Aedec Seats, RAM Mounts & Tomar. Once you are accepted as a dealer, you will automatically receive pricing for Whelen, Havis, Feniex, Axixtech, Brooking, Sound-Off and Abrams. If you wish to sell any of the other brands, you will need to contact us for those price guides.

Note: Most orders will be shipped directly from the factory, to you or to your customer (drop shipment) if you so choose. Drop shipment fees apply.

To apply, first print and complete the credit card authorization. Next, complete our online dealer application and upload the form with your submission.