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Havis - The best fitting, most functional vehicle consoles available

Havis is the most respected name when it comes to vehicle specific consoles, computer mounts, K9 and prisoner transportation products for law enforcement. Their products fit better, look better and perform better than any other brand available. With Havis, you get an OEM style fit and finish that other names like Jotto, Troy, D&R, Ram and others can't even come close to. Whether you're installing just a radio, siren, cup holder and arm rest, or you're fully utilizing every inch available, there is no better value than Havis. And with Havis, they make it simple. Buy the console and the faceplates are included at no cost. It doesn't get any easier than that. Do you have a computer or tablet that needs to be mounted in your car or truck? Havis has you covered. Laptops, tablets, Android, Apple... Havis has it all with the strongest, most stable computer mounts available. They say dogs are a man's best friend. On the street, a K9 officer is a cop's best partner and there too, Havis is the leader. With K9 inserts for every police car, they are the gold standard. Lastly, transporting prisoners is a necessary evil and a job few want to do. With a Havis prisoner transport solution, the job is much easier, less stressful and safer for botht the officers and for the prisoners.

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