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Go Rhino Public Safety - Push Bumpers, Partitions & Gun Racks

Go Rhino is a well known name in both the automotive aftermarket and in the law enforcement market. GoRhino has been producing quality pushbars, prisoner partitions and gun racks for over 25 years. Now, with their exclusive distribution agreement with Adec, they now offer molded plastic prisoner seats, door panels and modular seating. Go Rhino Push Bumpers are fully welded and extremely tough. And Go Rhino has recently released their new LR Series of push bumpers with the ability to accomodated warning lighting from various manufacturers such as Whelen, Soundoff and others.

When it comes to prisoner partitions, GoRhino is ahead of the curve by offering a universal fit partition that installs easily with pivoting mounting posts and interchangable side curtain airbag installation hardware for all of the popular police vehicles. This means that when the next model change comes along, you won't have to start from scratch. Remove the prisoner partition from one vehicle to another easily and inexpensively.

Adding a gun rack is simple and easy with Go Rhino's dual weapon mount. Designed for a shotgun and a rifle, these gun racks even have mounting points for popular flashlight brands as well.

Take a look at the GoRhino brand. You'll like what you see. It's a high quality product at an affordable price.


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