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Go Industries Pushbars for Law Enforcement

Go Industries was started in 1978 making products for the automotive aftermarket. Go Industries is a Texas based company and they pride themselves on producing a high quality product. Their push bars are fully welded steel with heavy duty mounting hardware. They are not trying to be all things to all people. They do push bumpers and they do them very well. However, recently, they have capitalized on their experience and have begun to offer metal storage cabinets as well.

Go Industries' pushbars are all one piece construction and ready for installation upon arrival. They offer both center only push bumpers and models with full headlight wraps which are welded, not bolted. So they are incredibly strong. In addtion, they have pushbars to fit all of the standard police vehicles as well as many other models such as pickup trucks and large SUV's. For agencies using bigger 4x4's, Go Industries is the brand you need.


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