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Fenix Cobra and Apollo LED Light Bars from Responder PSE

Feniex Industries has emerged as a major player in the emergency vehicle warning lights and sirens market. They stumbled several times but learned from their mistakes. Now Feniex warning products are very high in quality and superior in performance to most other brands which are available. Feniex has priced their products very competively for being manufactured in the United States. This means that customers who would normally buy chinese junk because of its low cost, are now within reach of high quality products made in America. The Feniex Cannon has proven to be one of the most popular led hideaways available. With 12 leds, twice that of any other brand, and with three modes, they are making huge inroads against some of the biggest names out there. And now with the launch of the Cobra and the Apollo led lightbars, Feniex is getting ready to become one of the leaders in the field.

Feniex Cobra T3 Feniex Cobra T6 Feniex Apollo F6 Feniex Triton Siren Speaker
Feniex T3
Feniex Cobra
Feniex Apollo
Feniex Triton


Feniex led police lights collage


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