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CopBox Storage and Tactical Cabinets for SUV's

CopBox Storage Box Ford Explorer          Ctech CopBox Storage Cabinet


CopBox Storage Cabinets offer an array of different sizes. These mobile cabinets are designed for officers from a PATROLMAN working a beat to a COMMANDER coordinating operations from the back of his vehicle.

CopBox Cabinets come in two widths: 

UNIVERSAL (40" wide)

Fits all SUV platforms and with our QuickLink Mounting Plate is easily changed from one vehicle to the next

WIDE BODY (47" wide). 

Designed to maximize the available storage in a large size SUV. The same QuickLink Mounting Plate makes installation painless.

Their patented MotionLatch handle design is found on all our doors and drawers for an effortless ONE HAND, ONE MOTION operation. The dual latch design ensures secure closure in transit. Many have imitated but no one can replicate the best handle and latch system in the industry.

CTECH has designed a QuickLink mounting system that securely bolts the mobile aluminum cabinets into the cargo area utilizing factory mounting locations. This allows install without alterations to the vehicles original equipment. The true value of a CopBox Cabinet is its ability to be reused long after your fleet is updated. The QuickLink Mounting Plate can be updated while keeping the same CopBox Cabinet.

-SAFETY  •Factory mounting point QuickLink plate •One location for all your gear •Secure mounts keep CopBox in location •Added Officer Safety at speed or in a crash

-SECURITY •Drawer locks standard •Flip lid top (standard with lock) •Ball Bearing drawer runners with 250lbs capacity

-EFFECIENCY  •QuickLink mounting plate system for install and removal •Drawer dividers available •Heavy duty drawer liners •MotionLatchTM doors and drawers -ONE HAND, ONE MOTION OPENING •Patrol Series maintains spare tire access

-VALUE  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (original purchaser) •Universal Fit -reuse CopBox and get new QuickLink mounting plate kit •Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Ctech CopBox Storage Cabinet Chevy Tahoe


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