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Obviously there are an incredible number of lights, accessories and other equipment you can have installed on your vehicles. We have worked to make the process as easy as possible so you can pick your cars, pick your equipment and have everything rolled up into one lease payment. Below you will find push bumpers, radar units, prisoner partitions and several other very popular upgrades that a large majority of agencies desire. Choose what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

All options listed below will be installed in our shop by skilled EV Techs.


Headlight Flasher to 'wig wag' the high beams

2016 Ford Explorer Headlight Flasher

Ford has seen the light. You can now elect to purchase your vehicle with the "Wig Wag" option from Ford. However, we can easily install a standard headlight flasher if your vehicle is not equipped with Wig Wags from the factory. This is one of the most effective warning signals still today. And for an extra boost, let us upgrade your halogen bulbs with high intensity LED replacement bulbs for a signal that truly pops.

Corner Intersection Warning Installed in Factory Headlights

Whelen Ions in Ford Explorer Headlights

In addition to the Wig Wag option from Ford, you can now elect to purchase your vehicle with built in intersection warning lights. However, we can install the same Whelen ION warning lights if your vehicle is not equipped this option from the factory. And we offer a 5 year warranty vs. the 3 years you get from Ford.

Push Bumper

Westin Push Bar

Manufactured out of 4 gauge HRPO steel uprights and E-coated in black powder coat, these are one of the best pushbars on the market. One thing that really sets this one apart is the black plated sainless steel hardware. Unlike other the other brands, dealing with rust will not be a concern. These pushbars also include a welded lower tube for added protection and strength as well as pre-drilled holes for mounting warning lights. And with 2-3/4" rubber bumper strips, wider than the competitors, they offer an added degree of protection.

PowerArc Pushbar Mounted Traffic Clearing Lights

PowerArc Pushbar Traffic Clearing Lights

If you're searching for the most effective warning light for clearing traffic without spending a fortune, the PowerArc M90. With one or two of these mounted on your pushbar, traffic will part light the red sea. Extremely powerful with twelve high power LED's that sweep back and forth, they get the attention that blinking lights just can't achieve.

Computer Mount

 Havis Computer Mount

Havis has created equipment mounting packages for the most popular vehicle applications. These packages work in conjunction with Docking Stations and Universal Laptop Mounts to create the safest and most comfortable mobile workstations in the industry. The computer mount includes a vehicle specific base plate, heavy-duty pole without height adjust handle, tilt-swivel motion device, and a top offset plate. It does not include the laptop or tablet dock. We can use your current dock or we can offer you several choices depending on your application.

Prisoner Partition
Prisoner Partition

When you need to safely transport prisoners, we have the solution. This partition from Go Rhino is 'universal' in that it will fit both sedans and most SUV's. Only the mounting hardware is different. This means that when you replace your vehicle, you don't have to spend extra on a new partition every time. The partition includes a center sliding window and side curtain airbag compliant mounting hardware. Available with a recessed center panel if you need to install a gun rack.

CopBox Patrol Storage Cabinet
Ctech CopBox Storage Cabinet

Designed for a Patrol officers gear and storage needs in mind. Giving the right amount of storage space in a small package. Featuring a large drawer with optional dividers for organization. The Patrol Series CopBox is the perfect amount of storage for any Patrolman needing a secure location for their gear. Spare tire access is still maintained with the innovative design that incorporates gas charged struts that lift the box out of the way so you can still get to the spare tire compartment.

Dual Head Stalker Radar
Stalker Patrol Dual Head Radar

The Stalker DUAL SL sets the standard in the industry for range and performance. The best performance means accurate monitoring at greater distances, which results in superior tracking history and better target identification. The industry standard for moving police radar with the best range and performance Now including automatic same direction operation. 

Pro-Vision Dual Camera Video

ProVision In Car Video System

Solid State Design has NO moving parts or the failures that come with them, making PRO-VISION more rugged and reliable than any hard drive system available. PRO-VISION® backs this bold reliability claim with the longest standard warranty in the industry, 5 years. With the ability to record up to 4 cameras simultaneously at 120 Frames per Second at D1 720x480 resolution, a PRO-VISION Solid State In-Car Video System will provide the absolute best video quality. Remote Live Video Viewing allows you to watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System through a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection.

Rear Warning Options / Pick 2 - Save $50 / Pick 3 - Save $100

LED’s in Tail Lights

Hideaway LEDs in Explorer Reverse Lights 

Ford still offers the "pre-drilled" option for the tail lights. If you purchase this option, let us install our extreme performance twistlock hideaway LED's. If you do not purchase the "pre-drilled" option, we can easily install our 12 LED hideaways in the same location. Either way, we have you covered. Located in the reverse light reflector, the light is clearly visible to the rear. However, an added benefit is that the LED's face out to the side and therefore the warning signal is clearly visible to the side as well.

Plug n Play Tail Light Flasher

 Plug n Play Tail Light Flasher

Vehicles continue to get more and more complicated with everything being computer controlled. The Ford Police Interceptor is no exception. But we have the solution with a Can-Bus compliant plug n' play tail light flasher. With smart technology, the flasher stops flashing when the brakes or turn signals are applied so that other first responders following close behind will always know what's happening at all times. In addition, this flasher offers the ability to alternately flash the LED brake lights and optionally control other aftermarket lighting products such as hideaway LED's or license plate mounted warning lights.

Liftgate Lighting (bottom of rear hatch)
Rear Hatch Lights Ford Explorer

What do you do when you're vehicle is in the roadway and you have to open your rear hatch to access your equipment conveniently stored in your CopBox? Raising the hatch ends up blocking your lightbar and redirecting your spoiler mounted lightbar into the air. All of a sudden, the only warning you have left is your flashing brake lights and/or your hideaway LEDs in the reverse lights. The solution is to have us install a set of our ST (super thin) series lights in the bottom of the hatch. Now, when the hatch is raised, you still have bright and identifiable warning facing the rear of your vehicle.


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