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Emergency Vehicle Upfitting and Installation Services

Responder Public Safety Equipment is a leader in the emergency vehicle upfitting arena. We offer a state of the art installation facility with indoor storage for all of our customer's vehicles. We maintain a high level of Garage Keeper's insurance so that no matter what, your vehicles are protected from weather, vandals and acts of God. Whether you have one or one hundred vehicles in your fleet, Responder PSE has the capability to meet your needs.

We do not compromize quality for speed. We use only the best qualtiy wiring and components on all of our installs. We also work hard to ensure that when your vehicle is upfitted, that we are taking your future needs into consideration along with your current requirements. This is why we use a six conductor "drop cable" routed to the front and the rear for all of our law enforcement jobs so that if you ever need to add on later, the wires are already there for you without having to disassemble the vehicle again.

Give us a call or better yet, come by and see for yourself why you should choose us for your next install.

Current shop rates: $55 minimum service fee / $105hr for installation


We are conveniently located in Maryland Heights:

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