Legion LED Lightbar - 49in

$1,101 MRSP

Legion LED Lightbar, 49" from Brooking Industries

The (Axixtech) Legion Lightbar from Brooking Industries is powerful in performance, yet economically priced. The Legion sports the latest in LED warning light lens technology. It's so new, we don't even know what to call it, other than BRIGHT! This new lens technology gives one of the most superior off angle warning signals on the market today.

The Legion is amazingly simple in design. It has a solid aluminum frame over which a polycarbonate lens system is attached. Because of this design, the lightbar is feather light and very easy to service. This is the perfect lightbar for volunteer firefighters, service vehicles and public safety agencies dealing with tight budgets.

It truly must be seen to be believed. Options include LED or Halogen takedowns and alley lights, 12 or 6 diode corner modules, 6 or 3 diode front/rear warning modules, composite mounting feet or adjustable steel mounting feet and strap kits to fit all the popular emergency / service vehicles in use today.

Because of all of the available options, we encourage you to give us a call. We'll beat any competitor's price on the Legion.