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Brooking Axixtech ID26 LED Programmable Grille Light

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Brooking Axixtech ID26 LED Programmable Grille Light

This is a unique 12 LED surface mount warning light in that the LEDs on the ends are offset and angled outwards. The offset LEDs along with the wrap around optics make this a full 180 degree LED strobe light. In addition to the wide angle performance, this LED grille light can be set to illuminate at 50% intensity for use as a cruise light. The cruise function will remain at half power until the warning mode is activated. When the light is deactivated, it goes back to low power illumination.

Another great use for this LED surface mount light is as auxiliary lighting on motorcycles. These will not replace DOT approved lighting but can be added to increase visibility. In low power they can be used as tail lights. Then they can be activated in steady burn for use as a stop light or turn signal.

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