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MODoT Stripe Grinder
Published at Nov 9, 2014

Responder PSE services all kinds of specialty vehicles. This one is a stripe removal machine which was poorly lighted from the factory. MODot brought this to us to be upgraded so it will stand out even with all the dust flying when it's working. So we removed the weak strobe beacon from the roof and replaced it with a Whelen MC23PA amber minibar on the cab and three Whelen 500 series linear LED warning lights in the rear. We also installed two ECCO ED3766AC linear LED lights on the sides which are full dual color warning lights in amber and white. In addition, we replaced two of the halogen work lights at the top of the cab with ECCO EW2441 LED work lights. When we were done, this machine really stands out in the day and really shows it's stripes at night. Being seen is no longer an issue and that means the men and women working with and around this unit are much safer while performing their work.

MODot Stripe Removal Machine

Here you can see the MC23AP minibar with the ECCO work lights on the cab and the ECCO warning lights on the sides

MODot Stripe Removal Machine

The Whelen 500 Series Linear LED can be seen in the rear with ECCO side lights displaying white

MODot Stripe Removal Machine

Here the ECCO ED3766 lights are displaying amber



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