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Installation of a Havis equipment console
Published at Mar 13, 2013

So, when it came to choosing a console, there were several factors we considered for our Tahoe. Things such as the space available, the equipment to be installed, how it mounts in the vehicle and the accessories we wanted to go along with it. These were not the only issues we thought about, but these were some of the most important factors. The decision came down to the C-2410 console from Havis. The C-2410 provides the room for our equipment as well as the accessories we wanted included in the console. Accessories such as a lockable storage compartment, 12v accessory outlets, map light and dual arm rests.

We had the luxury of starting with an empty truck since we had pulled out all of the seats to replace the floor mat. This made installation of the console very easy. However, even without doing so, installation is still pretty simple with the well thought out floor mounting system. To begin, the front mounting brackets were assembled and slid up to the seat mounting bolts. The same was done with the rear mounting brackets. Now, the top plate could be installed. The top plate is pretty long, so you have to decide where you want the extra length to end up. Either in the front or the back of the console. We chose the front since we're putting a Pro-Gard gun rack directly behind the console.

Installing the Havis mounts and top plate

Now, at this point, the seats were put back into place so we could secure them along with the console's brackets. Other than the floor mounting brackets, we left the top plate loose so we could adjust it as necessary once the actual console was installed. Now we were ready for the console box. This was secured to the top plate with four bolts. Now, we could get the console lined up with the Tahoe's center stack on the dash. Once it was aligned, then we could secure the console to the top plate and then we finished tightening the top plate to the floor brackets.

The hard part was now over. Now we could start having fun installing our equipment and accessories. Beginning with a power distribution block inside the box, then our faceplates could be set in to place. For the time being, so we have something to control our lighting with, we installed a Feniex Olympian controller. This will be replaced with the new Cencom Sapphire system once it's released in April. With all of the equipment installed and all of the wiring done, the console was finally ready to be unveiled. It turned out even better than we anticipated.

Havis Equipment Console installed in our Tahoe

Havis Equipment Console installed in our Tahoe

Whether you own a Tahoe or any other platform, Havis has an equipment mounting solution that will fit your needs. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help you set up your vehicle. Stay tuned for more updates on our Tahoe project. We still have a long way to go. There is a lot of equipment left to be installed.



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