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Responder PSE Police Lights & Emergency Vehicle Lighting Headquarters in St. Louis

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SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia LED Grille Lights - A revolutionary change
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Whelen Tracer Duo TCRHD5 2017 Spring Promotion - Ends 5/31
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Introducing the new Feniex Fusion, and explosion in lighting technology
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Serving our Heroes for nearly a decade
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Whelen Legacy LED Lightbar, in stock & ready to ship

Offering the top brands in emergency vehicle lighting and police lights at the best prices

Responder Public Safety Equipment began in the basement of its founder in 2007. It has grown into a large showroom and installation facility in the St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights. In this time we have gone from selling one brand, Brooking / Axixtech, to offering nearly every major brand of emergency vehicle lighting and police car equipment as well offering a full service installation shop providing turnkey solutions. While it started with police lights, we now offer bumper to bumper solutions for nearly any emergency vehicle or service truck. Products such as led lightbars, led dash lights, vehicle specific consoles and even led off road lights and well known brands including Brooking, Whelen, Havis, Sound-Off Signal, Pro-Gard, Westin, CopBox and many more. We pride ourselves in being able to create custom solutions which provide the greatest value no matter your budget. Whether you’re looking at police lights for sale or led strobe lights, we can help. If you’re searching for led warning lights or police lightbars, we can help. Most importantly, the brands we carry are names you know and trust, not some chinese import that will fail in six months.

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